Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: September 2022

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    Each month we’ll count down the 20 most watched videos on the official Eurovision Song Contest RUplayers channel. The chart will include official music videos, national final/live/preview performances and, of course, Eurovision Song Contest performances, taking a slightly longer look at the new entries and climbers.
    Please note: this month we are adding together the views of 2022 Semi-Final and Grand Final performances, and taking the Grand Final performance as the chart entry (unless the song did not qualify).
    Data is compiled using the official Eurovision Song Contest RUplayers channel views from the full calendar month just gone, and we’re taking January 2020 as the starting point for our charts.
    Unless we’re avoiding national finals or important announcements, the Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched will premiere on the first Thursday of each month at 20:00 CET.
    Editor & database: Olivia Newport
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Jovan Ivanović +859
Jovan Ivanović

The transition between maNga and Verka is magnificent

Antti Rytkönen +289
Antti Rytkönen

🇹🇷 Turkish entries were always one of my favourites because the songs had lot of oomph. 🤟 I hope Türkiye rejoins the contest soon! 🤗 -Antti 🇫🇮

Eurovision Turkey +301
Eurovision Turkey

Mor ve Ötesi, maNga ve Hadise.

Guillem Martinez +278
Guillem Martinez

That transition from 12 to 11 was just flawless omg can they all be like that?

pricem heart +218
pricem heart

Chanel from Spain, you deserve the best for the great job you did, for how badly some Spaniards treated you unfairly and because you were the best candidate to represent us. You only have to see your bronze medal to know after so many years of trying. Thank you ❤

Mete Aydemir +338
Mete Aydemir

İşte Bu Türkiye ve Hadisenin Etkisi 10 Yıldır Yarışmaya Katılmayan Bir Ülkenin Hala En Çok İzlenen Şarkılar Listesinde Olması İnanılmaz.Umarım 2024 de Eurovision’a dönüp JESC’ye katılacağız

Lorent Kerhanaj +175
Lorent Kerhanaj

20. [

Francisco Flores +151
Francisco Flores

Happy to see Turkey 2008. That was one of my favorites from that event. Still hearing that song sometimes

Portakal Suyu +111
Portakal Suyu

Mor ve Ötesi, Manga & Hadise! It’s clear that Europe wants Turkey back at the competition ♥️🇹🇷 Thank you Europe we will be back soon!🥺♥️

TheRobiLive +100

Düm Tek Tek is rising higher and higher! I love to see it! 😍

pricem heart +177
pricem heart

I think that Chanel will be in second position this month, since the song of "Uno" is quite viewed, but I'm glad to see her at the top of the chart

pricem heart +44
pricem heart

Chanel, the majority of Spaniards and Eurofans are proud of the work you did and how well you represented us. I wish we had many candidates like you in our country, worked from enthusiasm, professionalism and talent

Kirsty +33

Deli is still my favourite Eurovision song of all time, great to see it manage to get on here !!

Dim Gvm +185
Dim Gvm

Rosa Linn 🙌🙌 I’m so happy for her success. Songs like snap tend to be ignored or unappreciated on the contest. Where I live, they play her song all the time on the radio.

Anıl Çalışkan +81
Anıl Çalışkan

Yesss!!! My queens are HADİSE and CHANEL ❤🧡💛💚💜💙 Both of them are stunning

nasuh +171

We want to see Hadise's show in 2023 Eurovision ❤❤❤❤

Fernando Pillajo Suub +72
Fernando Pillajo Suub

Ole Chanel 💃🏼 sigo emocionándome con la actuación de festival. Sin duda la recordaremos siempre!

Bbbtarq4 +68

İlk defa Mor ve Ötesi'ni ilk 20 de gördüm. Daha çok dinleyelim düşmesin! 😊😊

Denislam Zakirov +61
Denislam Zakirov

OMG, Mor ve Otesi in top! One of my favorites from all times) shocked and surprised)

Yop Yop +61
Yop Yop



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