Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched: October 2022

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    Each month we’ll count down the 20 most watched videos on the official Eurovision Song Contest RUplayers channel. The chart will include official music videos, national final/live/preview performances and, of course, Eurovision Song Contest performances, taking a slightly longer look at the new entries and climbers.
    Please note: this month we are adding together the views of 2022 Semi-Final and Grand Final performances, and taking the Grand Final performance as the chart entry (unless the song did not qualify).
    Data is compiled using the official Eurovision Song Contest RUplayers channel views from the full calendar month just gone, and we’re taking January 2020 as the starting point for our charts.
    Unless we’re avoiding national finals or important announcements, the Eurovision Top 20 Most Watched will premiere on the first Thursday of each month at 20:00 CET.
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ilsecool +467

Love how Rosa Linn didn't get high up in the rankings at Eurovision, but is now taking over. I hear her on the radio at least twice a day here in the Netherlands and to see that she is 2nd on this list makes me think that that is happening in more countries now. You go girl!

21 день назад
Srin +223

Whoever compiles these videos really takes the effort to create great transitions. The ones between Hard Rock Hallelujah and We Could Be The Same at

21 день назад
Paolo Biondi +378
Paolo Biondi

The music transition between hard rock hallelujah and we could be the same at the coming up is simply amazing 👏

21 день назад
Radu Goran +339
Radu Goran

I'm so proud of the fact WRS is still in top 20 six months since the contest ended. He proved how much of a hardworker he is and how Romania can shine if they send the right artist and focus on professionalism instead of overpolished stuff. Right now he's engaged in the "I know you from somewhere" TV show and he does an awesome job! I really hope he started a new era for our country, you can count on us next year. :D

21 день назад
Mihaela +144

So happy and proud of WRS. He had such an outstanding performance, yet so underrated. 💙💛❤

21 день назад
MyBroSux24 +176

I know these are the songs most viewed on this channel, but what a coincidence to have Verka and Go_A back to back on this list. I got such goosebumps from this transition from 10 to 9. Like the old and the new Ukrainian anthems 🇺🇦💙

21 день назад
Burak Blues +59
Burak Blues

Hadise & Düm Tek Tek is a true Eurovision Classic of all times ❤️‍🔥 💃🏼

21 день назад
Hatice Bodur +5
Hatice Bodur

Even if we can't attend, I'm proud that our songs are still being heard at Eurovision. ♥️🇹🇷

7 часов назад
Kyra +61

Turkey did left at 2012 but still has the scores so well its incredible....

21 день назад
Dani Maroto +68
Dani Maroto

Turkey and SPAIN❤️‍🩹🫶🏼

21 день назад
Alpen Gold +7
Alpen Gold

Спустя столько лет Александр Рыбак в топ 3, очень мощно

19 часов назад
Hakan Balta +36
Hakan Balta

I am proud of Turkey..... Manga and Hadise still at Top 20 🇹🇷🤟😎 I hope we will back to that competition again 🙏

21 день назад
cb +82

Hadise the Eurovision queen ✨💛

21 день назад
Leila Márquez +34
Leila Márquez

Que no se pierda la bonita tradición de ver a Alexander Rybak en el top 3 ❣️

21 день назад
Jaime Gálvez Romero +95
Jaime Gálvez Romero

New month and maNga remains on top after 12 years. One of the best songs in Eurovision history.

21 день назад
Susana Green +202
Susana Green

Ya es un meme que Little Big esté siempre en el número "UNO" hahahaha LOS AMO

21 день назад
Katherine Löfgren +1
Katherine Löfgren

I still remember sitting in front of tv and watching LORDI’s performance when I was a child. and I liked the monsters so much back then, so I was so happy to know that they won the first place!

День назад


21 день назад
Steph L. +1
Steph L.

Gotta say, happy to see Alexander Rybak and MaNga are still strong! Also, loving to see people are showing love for WRS, as I really did enjoyed the entry and all the effort made, and seeing that Rosa Linn is getting recognition for her song. And well, Little Big with Uno is back on the top. Idk if that was the case for the September rank, will check later.

16 часов назад
Bianca Muller +23
Bianca Muller

Hadisee you are One Queen we love you ✨🎇❤🇹🇷🇹🇷

21 день назад


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